Design and Art Direction. London

Stride Gum

Chewing Stride gum is intense. So we invented an intense, creepy new spokesperson for the brand in the form of a disembodied floating animated purple mouth.

We then introduced him and new Stride Gum to the world on Snapchat, with DJ Khaled. The following day we then created a Snapchat Lens. Then launched our 3 TV spots, then collaborated with Adult Swim on 2 more TV spots, then made a Youtube Masthead Banner that didn't suck, then 4 live shows on Twitch and then did some other stuff until the media money ran out.

Agency Wieden+Kennedy. In collaboration with Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy and Andrew Bevan. Creative Direction from Hollie Walker and Freddie Powell. Directors Lisbon Studio and Titmouse's David Nicolas

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