Design and Art Direction. London

TK Maxx 'A White Christmas'

TK Maxx do big labels at small prices. At Christmas translates to big gifts at small prices, so we somehow managed to convince our clients to stock the biggest gift at the smallest price; A White Christmas for absolutely nothing. Yeah, 100% genuine (you can eat it if you want) snow. Delivered to front doors across Europe, for free. We made 80, 3ft long, mahogany based 'White Christmas' snow globes and put them in stores. The first one got snapped up in about 3 minutes.

Then people started to actually get their White Christmases. So we filmed this one being delivered and chucked it on the telly.

Then it actually snowed across major parts of Britain (awkward) so we got Bill Nighy back in the booth and recut this and responded directly to all the people who were saying things like "lol, no need for TK snow".

Then the snow vanished and we resumed bringing snow to the humans of Europe.

Directed by Ian Pons Jewell.

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